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25 May 2023

100,000 families access free parenting support to build resilient, confident kids

Over 100,000 families across Australia have accessed the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program suite of online support since it launched ten months ago, thanks to funding from the Australian Government Parenting Education Support Program (PESP).

Assistant Minister Emma McBride says that the Australian Government is pleased to continue to support new parents through Triple P’s online parenting programs.

“Major changes in life, including welcoming a new family member, can have a profound impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing,” Assistant Minister McBride said.

“We are determined to give all Australians the very best start in life, a key part of that is making sure support is available for their parents and caregivers.

“This major milestone of 100,000 families accessing Triple P is a sign that the program works. I look forward to watching the program continue to go from strength to strength.”

Triple P International PESP’s Project Director Eva Meester says the evidence-based, practical parenting strategies that the online programs provide has seen an overwhelming uptake by parents and carers who are struggling with increased levels of anxiety and stress as result of the pandemic, natural disasters, and ongoing financial pressures.

“It's important that we normalise seeking help, so parents and carers view services like Triple P as a positive, reassuring opportunity that will build happy, confident, resilient children,” Ms Meester said.

“Parents and carers who have done Triple P Online tell us that they feel calmer, more confident, and better supported to understand their children and their needs,” she said.

“Being a parent can be the most rewarding role in the world, but we know it’s not without its challenges,” Ms Meester said. “From bedtime to fussy eating, bullying to anxiety – you’re not alone.”

Every parent and carer in Australia currently has free access to Triple P’s online programs, including Triple P Online (for children aged under 12 years), Fear-Less Triple P Online (for children aged 6-14 years experiencing anxiety) and Triple P Online for Baby (for parents at the later stages of pregnancy and/or when baby is under 12 months).

“Triple P doesn’t tell parents what to do, rather it empowers them by providing the tools and strategies to enjoy parenting more and build better relationships with your children from an early age.”

Melbourne mother-of-two, Michelle Herbison, enjoyed doing Triple P Online for Baby and is planning on doing the other Triple P programs.

“Deciding to go through the course felt like a no-brainer as I believe there’s something that every parent can get out of it,” Ms Herbison said.

“The program works well for parents if they have little kids distracting them because the videos are short, and you can easily go back to them later on your phone. It’s so encouraging that they use real parents sharing their stories and insights and the little activities are a great way to help remember and use the advice.”

Delivery of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program to parents and carers of children in Australia is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care under the Parenting Education and Support Program. Parents and carers can access free, easy-to-use, online parenting support 24/7 at