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18 March 2021

Boys who disrespect women need more guidance from parents, says leading psychologist

Leading Australian psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has weighed in on the topic of misogynistic behaviour among certain groups of boys, saying parents must take some responsibility and recommending free access to the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® in all schools Australia-wide.

In an opinion piece published today in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, and WA Today, Dr Carr-Gregg says that while there are plentiful examples of boys and young men who are respectful and sensitive, some parents “seem to have turned away from the focus of raising respectful, polite, well-mannered boys and instead have gone to worship at the altar of ‘happiness’.”


He says that while schools share some responsibility (speaking about the latest incident involving a group of school boys), families and parents also must focus on providing more guidance and boundaries.

“The Triple P parenting program teaches parents how to merge boundaries, discipline and calm governance with the necessary warmth, fun and open communication needed to raise boys who feel safe, valued and listened to. Perhaps it should be offered free of charge in all schools?”