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20 February 2018


Next week's Helping Families Change Conference in Sonoma, California, will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to explore a range of interrelated social problems, hoping to find common ground and solutions.

Keynote speakers at the conference will focus on how real solutions are being created for social issues such as crime, drug addiction and mental health problems through family intervention and parenting support.


As well as more than 45 break-out sessions and workshops, the conference will hear invited addresses from:


  • International crime prevention and victims advocate and author of “Smarter Crime Control” and “Less Law, More Order”, Professor Irwin Waller
  • The LAPD’s Sgt Emada Tingirides, honored alongside her husband by the President in 2015 for their successful community policing work
  • Infant development and early childhood mental health specialist, trainer and author Barbara Stroud, PhD
  • Faith and community leader Rev. Darrell Armstrong D.Div. (Honorary), M.Div.
  • Prevention science and early education specialist, Harvard Associate Professor Stephanie Jones, PhD
  • Will Aldridge, PhD, prevention science and program implementation expert from the FPG Child Development Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Director of the University of South Carolina Parenting and Family Research Center, Professor Ron Prinz, PhD
  • International parenting expert, Professor of Clinical Psychology (and founder and author of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program) Matt Sanders, PhD


 Professionals from all relevant fields are invited to join the 250+ attendees, be part of the conversation and contribute ideas, either in person or through your own online and social media presence.


Debates and discussions will include those working in health and mental health, prevention science, disability services, disaster relief, faith and culture, child welfare and more—all with a common goal of making a difference by improving parenting and family functioning.


The Helping Families Change Conference is being held in Sonoma, California from February 28-March 2. Registrations are still open at the Helping Families Change Conference website