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27 July 2016

Mexico is latest Latin American country to introduce Triple P

Triple P is now supporting families in three Latin American countries, with Mexico joining Costa Rica and Chile as providers of the program.

Seven practitioners from Mexico’s Fundación Techo Comunitario A.C. trained in Group Triple P and Triple P Seminars, thanks to funding from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.


Triple P Chile Executive Director Francisca Puga travelled to Juárez City in June to train the practitioners in the light-touch seminars and the more intensive group course.


Ms Puga says Fundación Techo Comunitario A.C.’s  aim is provide all Triple P levels to the communities in which they work.


The Mexican Triple P initiative was launched by the Director of Techo Comunitario, Mariana Loya Parra.


Ms Loya Parra said she hoped a program like Triple P could help support families and build a resilient community that could recover from and withstand the violence that had swept the city in recent years.


“During the week we spent on the training…we were able to visualize the range of opportunities for families from Ciudad Juarez  to have different spaces to develop their parenting skills and promote good environments for their children’s development,” she said.


“We trust Triple P’s scientific evidence and experience, and it’s a good inspiration for us to be pioneers in implementing Triple P in Mexico. We hope that this training is the beginning of a long relationship in which an increasingly larger number of families from Juarez can benefit from this.”


Here is some Spanish digital media coverage of the Triple P launch in Mexico.

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