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27 January 2022

Orange County Leaders Proclaim January as “Positive Parenting Awareness Month” to Show How Positive Parenting Leads to Healthy, Confident Children

Santa Ana, CA, January 25, 2022 -- The Orange County Board of Supervisors today announced January as “Positive Parenting Awareness Month” to increase awareness and support for parents and caregivers. The work of positive parenting gives caregivers useful practices for all families striving to raise children in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment full of love.

“It is important to draw the public’s attention to resources that help support positive parenting practices, especially with the disruptions caused by COVID-19” said Dr. Veronica Kelley, LCSW, Chief of HCA’s Mental Health and Recovery Services (MHRS). “In Orange County, we celebrate positive parenting practices. We know that supporting parents and caregivers is essential to help ensure a brighter future for the social, emotional and physical health of all of our children.”


Positive parenting is proven through research to best help children overcome stress, anxiety, and isolation by helping parents create safe, stable and nurturing relationships. The Positive Parenting Awareness Month also helps bring new attention to the free online resources available to all OC parents. The County of Orange has made available to all county residents the internationally-acclaimed parenting program, Triple P-Positive Parenting Program


“When the OC Health Care Agency (HCA) first announced last year its partnership with Triple P America, we knew that increasing awareness about this program would arguably be the most important work in the beginning—and we’re thrilled that our County’s leaders have taken this step to make the Month of January a perpetual reminder of what we can do to protect families,” said Brett O’Brien, LMFT, HCA’s MHRS Director of Children, Youth, and Prevention Services.


“What we have in Orange County is meaningful work that benefits all parents,” said Dawn M. Smith, LCSW, Division Manager for Children and Youth Behavioral Health Services. “Our ongoing hope is that all parents in the County can take advantage of the Triple P Online free program. The course snippets can be so important for families, and they were made possible thanks to the county’s COVID-19 relief effort funded by CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act.”


Every Orange County parent and caregiver of children and teens aged 0-16 can access Triple P Online for free to learn expert positive parenting strategies.


Top 10 Tips for Parenting During COVID-19

  1. Reassure your child that your family is top priority.
  2. Take care of yourself the best you can.
  3. Make sure your children know you are ready to talk.
  4. Be truthful in answering a child’s questions.
  5. Maintain everyday routines.
  6. Have a family plan.
  7. Have plenty of interesting things to do at home.
  8. Take notice of behavior you like.
  9. Help children to tolerate uncertainty.
  10. Reach out and connect with loved ones.


To start Triple P Online today, go to



Media Contacts

Triple P: Randy Ahn, Implementation Consultant, Triple P America: (310) 694-7566;

OC Health Care Agency: Julie MacDonald, Health Communications Manager: (714) 834-2178;