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04 December 2018


Triple P’s first open-enrollment training in Turkey has been an outstanding success, with psychologists, psychiatrists and special education workers among those now qualified to deliver Triple P to parents.

The new Triple P providers have been trained to deliver Group Triple P – an intensive small-group course that gives parents of children up to 12 years a wide range of positive parenting skills.


“Those who trained are highly regarded in their fields and are very enthusiastic about Triple P and its suitability for Turkish parents,” said Triple P training consultant, Dr Taner Guvenir.


Dr Guvenir, Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Dokuz Eylül University, has previously trained University staff to deliver Triple P seminars to parents in Balcova. He has also led local research trials into the effectiveness and cultural acceptability of the evidence-based Triple P program.


But this was the first time training was open to any eligible professional in the country. The participants came from Istanbul, Izmir, Aydin, and as far as Cyprus.


“[Those trained] will now be able to give Turkish parents high-quality support to help them build better relationships with their children and manage behavioral issues”, Dr Guvenir said.


More open-enrollment Triple P Provider training will be held in 2019. The first training will be in Selected Seminar Triple P, covering content and techniques to deliver a series of three 90-minute talks to large groups of parents. Practitioners eligible to deliver Triple Seminars include teachers, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, early childhood staff and police officers.


For more information about open-enrollment Triple P Provider Training in Turkey in 2019, please contact Hümanist Bü  



Following the training, the new Triple P providers praised both the content of the Triple P parenting program, and the approach of the training sessions.


  • “The Triple P program offers a structured skeleton to help parents build a healthy relationship with their children. Forming the rest, the body of this skeleton, is up to the parents. I think this is one of the strongest aspects of Triple P program. Because every child is unique, and the parents know what’s best for them.”

Yağmur Damla Demir (Psychologist)

Izmir, Turkey


  • “The moment I signed up for this program, I knew that I was going to learn so much, but it also increased my self-awareness. This program made me realize how much we are focused on the negative and are far away from positive thinking.”

Tilbe Ceren Erken (Psychologist)

Izmir, Turkey



  • The first day I was a little worried that my questions weren’t quite answered, but later, I understood that it was part of the training: it was creating an opportunity for me to answer the questions myself. In the end of the program, all my questions were answered in a very detailed way.”

Ahmet Senses (Child Adolescent Psychiatrist)

Aydin, Turkey


  • Motivating parents by asking them how to connect with their children and asking them the ways they communicate with their children is a great technique, particularly because every parent knows their child the best.”

Erdem Beyoğlu (Child Adolescent Psychiatrist)

Nicosia, Cyprus


  • The Triple P Program could be very influential for society; starting by improving the quality of relationship between parents and children, then influencing many more by striving for improved mental health, and focusing on preventative techniques.

İpek Uçkan (Clinical Psychologist)

Nicosia, Cyprus


  • “If this program was 10 full days, I would still have enjoyed every minute. It was very satisfying! Our instructor was flawless; his calmness, understanding, and endless attention was amazing. The organization also was really great. Everything was perfectly done.”

Aysun Aydin (Psychologist)

Istanbul, Turkey