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06 August 2020

Triple P featured on TV

A popular national Australian television show has brought the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program into lounge rooms around the land Down Under, offering support to those in the country's second-largest city, Melbourne, who've gone back into strict lockdown due to COVID-19.

The show included an interview with Triple P author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Vanessa Cobham, and various parents talking about their experiences trying to cope with online school, working from home, and social isolation and all the associated emotions.

The story also talked about the occasionally amusing and often frustrating experiences that many parents around the world will be familiar with, leaving them feeling exhausted and frequently also inadequate.

Triple P has experience in supporting families through other crisis situations such as natural disasters, and has built on this expertise to develop a number of specific COVID-19 resources.These include support for dealing with the stress of changes to the economy, children's and teenagers' anxiety due to alarming news reports, and other COVID-19 related issues in addition to just home-schooling.

The Triple P parent website offers many tips and strategies that can help make things just a little easier, and parents can have peace of mind knowing these are evidence-based and have been developed by psychologists.

As well as the Triple P Online program there are also many free resources including an online magazine and downloadable guides.