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06 December 2016


The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is now available in the Province of Cordoba- Argentina as part of a government project to support families and help them cope with the emotional, social and behavioral issues that come with raising children.

Triple P seminars, one-on-one primary care sessions and group courses are being offered in the Province, as part of the Integral Plan for Citizens’ Security and Crime Prevention, an initiative led by the Ministry of Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Humans Rights and the Ministry of Health.


The initiative, called Cordoba Crece en Familia (Cordoba grows its families), was launched last month by the Ministry of Government, Mr. Juan Carlos Massei; the Minister of Justice, Dr. Luis Angulo; and the Minister of Health, Dr. Francisco Fortuna,


Mr. Massei said this inititiative aims to increase parents’ skills and confidence to raise their children and teenagers.  Dr. Angulo said training providers in the evidence-based Triple P would make that task easier.


“We are pleased to be adding tools to the Plan, knowing that with this we will be able to help a lot of families. We have the will to change and transform and will make all the effort that it takes,” Mr Massei said.


Eleven (11) providers from the Secretariat of Children, Teenagers and Families, and the Secretariat for the Prevention of Addictions have already trained in Triple P, with more to come.   


“With its launch in Córdoba, the province becomes a pioneer in both the country and throughout Latin America for incorporating an evidence-based parenting program in a plan to support families, ” said Triple P Latam Executive Director Francisca Puga.


See the government’s news release and video (in Spanish) at