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20 December 2021

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® Makes Ideal Gift for Parents Before Holiday

Parents can complete short parenting sessions on their smartphones thanks to free program made possible by Orange County Health Care Agency

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – Parenting experts, social workers, and child psychologists today reminded Orange County (OC) families that a free positive parenting program can help reveal core principles underlying the best gift-giving strategies for families coping with the stress of the final week of the holiday season. The Positive Parenting Program—Triple P—is now available for free to OC parents eager to find more meaningful ways to connect with their children as schools are on break and work winds down at the end of the year. The free program is available for all OC residents at and is instrumental in the OC Health Care Agency’s campaign to prioritize positive parenting in households facing COVID-19, economic, and holiday related stress and anxiety.


“Parents understandably want to deliver that hard-to-find gift this week, and they feel the stress of not disappointing their children with the wrong presents under the tree.  Triple P – Positive Parenting Program can help parents remember what will leave the most lasting memories in their children, and it’s always the time parents spend with them,” said Dr. Randy Ahn, local Triple P Implementation Consultant. “Whether walking a neighborhood to see the lights, baking treats, or making homemade crafts—this season can feature special family time that outlasts any fleeting excitement from a singular present.”


“Parents tend to be hard on themselves, especially this time of year. Kids get overstimulated and expectations are high. It’s understandable and easy to forget that when parents let go of a desire for perfection and instead re-focus on being emotionally present, their children will respond positively,” said Dawn Smith, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Division Manager at the OC Health Care Agency overseeing mental health and recovery programs for children and youth. “If children express disappointment or seem ungrateful, it’s important to step back and remember that parenting can be difficult, and we need support to respond the right way.”


With news media dominated by lists of last-minute deals and hard-to-find gifts, the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships in their families. Parents may consider this free program a gift to themselves this holiday season—one that will help them create quality time with their children in ways that promote safety and love.


All Orange County parents and caregivers of children and teens aged 0-16 can access Triple P Online, including the online guide to parenting during COVID-19, for free at The online program is available in three languages—English, Spanish, and Arabic.




Triple P: Randy Ahn, Implementation Consultant, Triple P America: (310) 694-7566;

OC Health Care Agency: Julie MacDonald, Health Communications Manager: (714) 834-2178;