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11 March 2022

Triple P to help more children succeed at school in South Carolina

Another successful partnership has been launched in South Carolina (United States) as part of a growing network of positive parenting, community group, education and health initiatives giving practical support to children and families in S.C..

The Newberry County rollout of Group Triple P is being funded through a grant of $88,310 to Newberry County First Steps, announced last week by South Carolina First Steps and the S.C. Department of Education.


In line with the growing recognition that parents and caregivers are a young child’s first teachers, the evidence-based Triple P – Positive Parenting Program will give local parents new ways to support their children’s learning and educational achievement in the wake of COVID-19.


It is now increasingly evident that positive parenting is important for healthy brain development and school readiness, and even that positive parenting can help remediate some of the adverse effects of disadvantage. The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program has long espoused these principles and gives parents and caregivers the practical skills and knowledge to put them into action. 


S.C. First Steps data reveals that compared to their peers, children enrolled in First Steps programs are 74% more likely to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. The organization also funds Triple P program delivery in Greenville, Oconee and Anderson Counties.


Cherokee County also recently announced a new Triple P initiative funded through First Steps.


“Triple P is for any parent and any child, regardless of the socioeconomic status, regardless of whether or not it’s a one parent home or two parent home,” said Kathy Miller, who is helping lead Cherokee County’s Triple P delivery.


The Newberry funding announced recently comes in large part from the American Rescue Plan’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, supplemented by Preschool Development Grant Funds. Of the $211 million in total received by the South Carolina Department of Education, $14.7 million has been allocated to S.C. First Steps.