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25 February 2015

World parenting experts inspired in Amsterdam

Parenting experts from 20 countries are gathering in Amsterdam this week, and are being inspired by fresh ideas about family support possibilities and the latest results and research into Triple P use.

More than 220 policy makers, researchers, service-based evaluators, medical practitioners, educators, students and frontline family support workers are at the 2015 Helping Families Change Conference, which was launched today (Wednesday Feb 25) by Kees Bakker, CEO of the Netherlands Youth Institute (NJI).

Delegates have come from countries around the world including Sweden, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Chile,  Greece, the United States, Kenya, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates.

Among the highlights of Day 1:

  • Keynote speaker and Triple P founder Professor Matt Sanders raised interesting “left field” questions about how parenting interventions could be used to improve water quality and the health of families in developing communities

  • Carine Kielstra, of NJI, talked about the core ingredients that were needed for the successful implementation of Triple P in the diverse society of the Netherlands

  • An inspiring symposium featuring researchers from three key universities (the University of Queensland, Australia; the University of Ottawa, Canada; and the University of Manchester, United Kingdom) presenting their findings including compelling real-life details of parenting in refugee communities

Other speakers throughout the week will report on new results from research into the Triple P Online program, parenting a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and child wellbeing in the United States.

Conference Convener John Pickering said the broad range of delegates had created a great buzz and sense of purpose.

“It’s very uplifting. The people represented here see parents in a diverse range of cultures, economic and social circumstances,” said Mr Pickering.

“Parenting is not a First World issue alone. It’s truly global and of interest to people of all walks of life.”

The Helping Families Change Conference is held annually.  The 2016 conference will be in Banff, Canada, from February 3—5.