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Triple P Online Webinar


Triple P is now available online for parents!

Watch Triple P Online program researcher and author Dr Karen Turner to learn about this new intervention and to find out how Triple P Online can work with the families you work with. 


What is Triple P Online and how can practitioners and organizations use it help families?

Triple P Online is a self-directed online program that parents can work through in their own time. It’s an 8 module interactive course most suitable for parents of children aged 2 – 12 and is equivalent to a Level 4 Triple P intervention. Triple P Online includes an online parent workbook, videos, exercises, downloadable tip sheets, emails, podcasts and optional text reminders. 



What are the benefits for organizations/practitioners using Triple P Online?

Triple P Online means practitioners and organizations can now reach parents who are geographically isolated, too busy or reluctant to attend face-to-face sessions due to perceived stigma. The program has also been used to provide immediate support to parents on a waitlist, and to support partners who cannot attend Group Triple P. Some parents appreciate the added support of a practitioner to assist in adapting the program strategies. Agencies/practitioners can purchase TPOL access codes and distribute these codes to parents. Or they may refer parents to the Triple P website where parents can purchase TPOL directly.

What will the webinar cover?

Dr Turner takes participants on a virtual tour of the program and demonstrates the tools and resources available to parents. There is a short overview of the research and examples of how organizations and practitioners are using Triple P Online with their families.


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