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PECE – Positive Early Childhood Education
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The early childhood program you can adapt to your needs

PECE – the Positive Early Childhood Education program – is an
evidence-based program to help you develop children's potential to the fullest.

Shaping the future of EYL in Victoria

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the GET READY 2019 conference in Melbourne to learn more about how the PECE program supports children’s emotional wellbeing.

Approximately 250 Early Childhood Education professionals enthusiastically received Dr Shawna Lee’s presentation (Download a PDF summary).

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program and PECE have been proud to support the Victorian Early Learning and Care sector by partnering with not-for-profit service provider bestchance as a Gold Sponsor of the GET READY 2019 conference.

Start today with the Personal PECE course for early childhood educators

Your benefits:

  • 4 online modules
  • 22 strategies to support you
  • Video learning
  • Interactive activities
  • Workbook and certificate
  • Only $199

Get a glimpse

See how the pieces fit together to improve the lives of children, families, educators and managers in this short video clip.

Easy to get, to do, to use – and it works

Children get more out of early learning - and out of life - when their emotional wellbeing is well supported. But that’s not always easy, especially when educators themselves may be feeling stressed or unsure of the most effective ways to positively respond to emotional situations. PECE helps you learn key skills and strategies to help you handle problems and build stronger relationships with children, colleagues, and parents.

Positive Early Childhood Education (PECE) is part of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program. It’s also consistent with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. And now, the Victorian Government offers the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program under its SRF (School Readiness Funding) initiative.

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4 online modules, 22 strategies
Each module = approx. 1 hour

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Help children develop a positive attitude to learning

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Skills to help you prevent problems and enhance children's emotional wellbeing

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Communicate more effectively with children, co-workers and parents

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Be happier at work, and get skills you can use throughout your life!

PECE: It'll change how you feel about your job

Meeting each child's individual needs, especially in a group setting, can be difficult. But with the right strategies, based on years of research about what works, you can experience a whole new level of job satisfaction. It's not just about managing a child's behaviour; it's about changing the dynamic between you and your co-workers, being able to support parents more, and enhancing your own personal and communication skills. Flexible options, online learning and a mix-and-match approach means PECE can help you make a long-lasting and positive change to the lives of the children and families you support.

How PECE fits your needs

In just four online modules, you'll learn 22 strategies that are surprisingly simple to put into practice. Little changes can make a huge difference! And you can have confidence that the program is backed by research: PECE is underpinned by the same principles as the evidence-based, world-renowned Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®.

Get the extra skills that make the difference

  • Consistent with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.
  • Simple, quick, and convenient online course.
  • 22 strategies to support children’s learning, and social and emotional development.
  • Videos help you see strategies in action.
  • Interactive exercises and activities.
  • Customisable and printable personal workbook.
  • Encourages personal goal setting and self-reflection.
  • OPTIONAL: combine with PECE Coaching Course for directors.
  • OPTIONAL: combine PECE with the Triple P program for parents.

Making it easier to apply for funding

We’ve created the steps below to help you complete your School Readiness Funding plan:

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Choose the right program options

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Download the Annual Plan form

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Use our PECE
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Email the plan to
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More information

You can also find information about the PECE Coaching Course on the Triple P website.

If you already have SRF funding from a previous year and would like to order, or have more questions, please contact our School Readiness team:

Telephone 1300 84 6811
Email vicsrf@triplep.net
Triple P International Pty Ltd
Level 1, 11 Market Street North, Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068