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Triple P International: a B Corp™

Triple P International has been licensed by Uniquest, the University of Queensland’s technology transfer arm, to disseminate the Triple P program globally. Triple P International is a Certified B Corporation® and is based in Brisbane, Australia.


At TPI and our subsidiaries around the world, we hope to create global social change by putting evidence-based parenting in the hands of every parent. We want to help parents build stronger, healthy family relationships within safe and prosperous communities.


We see a future where parents can raise confident, healthy, happy children and teenagers, enjoy strong family relationships and create protective, safe environments for their families. 

Our values

Our core values guide the way we work and the decisions we make each day to help us achieve our mission. They are:

  • be collaborative
  • focus on the social and environmental impact
  • be innovative
  • act with integrity
  • be respectful of others
  • promote self-regulation

Our aims

  • put evidence-based parenting into the hands of parents across the world
  • normalize the concept of parenting programs so parents feel comfortable asking for help
  • Provide communities with population-level early intervention
  • Support governments, jurisdictions, agencies and organizations to achieve social, education and justice goals


We are a Certified B Corporation®

Triple P International is the first parenting intervention business in the world to be certified B Corp™.

Becoming a B Corp™ is to business what a Fair Trade certification is to coffee.


It means TPI has passed the rigorous assessment of non-profit organization B Lab® 

and meets ‘the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability’ and that TPI aspires ‘to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems’.


Being certified recognises that the company is committed to conducting business in ways that look beyond profit, but that also create a public benefit and sustainable value.


“The B Corp™ philosophy is to ‘be a force for good’ and the Triple P program itself does that by supporting and helping families and communities,” says TPI Managing Director Des McWilliam (Hon.DUniv Qld).


“As the company responsible for disseminating Triple P globally, we have always been a for-profit that thinks and acts like a social enterprise. We consider our wider impact on society and the environment.”


TPI is now part of a growing community of more than 2000 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and 130+ industries working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business and be a force for good.