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Case studies

Mothers say Stepping Stones helped sons with autism

In Australia, two mothers’ lives have changed. One no longer fears for her son’s safety. The other says her family can go on outings together for the first time. And they both credit Stepping Stones Triple P.

Six-year-old was trashing the house

Tantrums, trashed bedrooms and struggling to fit in at school – that was a normal day for six-year-old Macaulay Davies. That is, until Macaulay’s mother Rachel Griffiths did the ten-week Standard Triple P program.

Lives are changing at Bonnybroom Nursery

One mother says Triple P has given her the confidence to take her kids out in public. Another carer says she can now manage her granddaughter’s tantrums. At Bonnybroom Nursery School in Glasgow, Triple P is changing lives – for the better!

Teenage son in trouble with the police and school

Michele Colivet didn’t want anyone telling her how to be a parent and thought nothing could settle her 13-year-old son Aiken, who was always in trouble with the police and at school. But after Teen Triple P, Michele, the police and the school all say Aiken is a different boy.

Case study - Summer Saldivar

Summer Saldivar was worried people would judge her if she asked for parenting help. But she put aside her fears and is glad she did. Her son Ricardo is happier too!

From football stars to remote indigenous communities – a snapshot of Triple P in Australia

Eighteen months into a state government-funded Triple P population rollout in Queensland, Australia, more than 50,000 parents had signed up for a course or session. See why (and how) the initiative has been so successful.