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For every parent

No single parenting program can meet the needs of all parents. That's why the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program has been developed as a system, with a suite of interventions, of increasing intensity, for all ages from birth to 16 years. Triple P can be delivered as a public health initiative, to create a meaningful impact at a population level, or its interventions can be selected specifically to target a particular demographic or parenting group, according to an organization's priorities and budget.

To help ensure Triple P has "something for everyone", each level of the program can be delivered in a range of ways, including private consultations, small groups, large seminars or online self-help. Triple P can also be delivered by a wide range of different professionals, making it easier for parents to access the program.


The program content is relevant to most cultures and socio-economic groups. The principles at the heart of Triple P encourage parents to choose their own parenting goals, with regard to their own beliefs and values. Practitioners are encouraged to be sensitive to different beliefs, expectations and traditions, and may tailor their delivery to suit different parents – for example, with a particular ethnicity or for parents with low literacy. Various parent resources, which are simple and easy-to-follow, have been translated into 21 languages other than English.


Testament to Triple P's acceptance by a range of cultures and ethnicities is the number of countries around the world that have embraced the program. Triple P is used in more than 25 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Iran, Japan, Romania, Sweden, Curacao, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands.