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Anissa's story: Triple P provides unmatched resources

Anissa_Loades.jpgFor Anissa Loades, a provisional psychologist at the Pregnancy and Family Support Association Gold Coast, being able to immediately put useful information directly into the hands of a parent can make all the difference.


“Sometimes a parent will mention a problem right at the end of a session,” she said. “I always have Triple P tip sheets on hand, so I can give them something to take away, and they can read it in their time. It’s so helpful, as they’re not just told information which they may forget.


“For instance, a family recently mentioned that their daughter was bed-wetting. They were impressed I could hand them a Triple P booklet on the topic. When they came back the next week, they told me it had helped them solve the problem.”


Anissa combines her current role supporting pregnant women and families with children up to 16 years with a position at Act for Kids, where she first underwent Triple P training in primary care nearly 10 years ago.


“I’m trained in other parenting programs, but I think Triple P stands apart with how they provide resources,” she said. “There is a structure for each module, which makes it clear what you are delivering each session.


“The fact that Triple P training in Queensland is free is awesome, and I particularly love the provider website.


“It’s a standalone website with access to different measures that facilitators can email directly to the client. Once filled out, the results will be scored automatically, making it easy to track progress pre- and post-intervention. The site also provides weekly videos for each session, which compliments the workbook given to each client.”


Since her initial training, Anissa has trained in a broad range of additional Triple P programs, including Triple P for Baby (for new and expecting parents) and Stepping Stones (for parents of a child with a disability), both online and in person.


“The face-to-face training is great, and the online training is interactive with opportunities to practise your skills with others in breakout rooms,” she said.


It was at one of her face-to-face sessions that Anissa learned an easy and effective parenting technique she now regularly shares with her clients.


“I remember Triple P trainer Michael Herd telling us if there is a negative situation going on in the family or there are relationship problems, for parents just to try to smile when their child walks in the room,” she said.


“In all sorts of challenging situations, starting with something as subtle as a smile is a gentle way you can start to build connection again. It’s simple but very powerful.”

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