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Implementation support

Implementation Support is offered to organizations purchasing Triple P Provider Training Courses.

Pre-Accreditation Workshop

In preparation for accreditation, practitioners are encouraged to start delivering Triple P interventions with families as soon as possible. They could also practice the specific competencies that will be targeted during accreditation and they can do this either individually or with peers (using a peer support model).


A Triple P Pre-Accreditation Workshop is offered to practitioners prior to accreditation, to provide an opportunity for individualized feedback on skill development and to practice and discuss any relevant implementation issues in the presence of a Triple P Trainer. Practitioners are able to practice specific competencies with their peers. That is good preparation for demonstrating the same competencies at their accreditation day. There is also the opportunity to clarify and discuss program content that may be relevant to quiz questions.


Pre-Accreditation Workshops aim to reduce practitioners' anxiety and apprehension around the Triple P Accreditation process, reinforce all aspects of Triple P, and build their confidence to deliver the service. When a Pre-Accreditation day is offered, a significantly higher number of practitioners complete the accreditation process. For these reasons, a Pre-Accreditation Workshop is essential for all Triple P Provider Training courses (excluding Enhanced Triple P, Pathways Triple P, and Family Transitions Triple P). One workshop will need to be included for each training course booked.


Clinical Support Days

Clinical Support Days are designed to be delivered once the practitioners start to use the program with families. If practitioners don't have access to formalised or peer supervision within their own agency, Clinical Support Days give them the opportunity to meet with fellow practitioners to discuss cases, problem solve, plan for future delivery and receive expert feedback for professional development.


Clinical Support Days can be a one-day workshop or telephone support.

Telephone Support for Managers and Coordinators

Practitioners, managers and coordinators can access scheduled periodic support via telephone, or teleconference directly with Triple P


A formal model of telephone support may be adopted where support is offered by phone more intensively at the start of the project and phased out over time. This encourages self-regulation. You can discuss how this can be tailored to suit your agency with Triple P International.

Workshop Series

To provide ongoing professional development for trained practitioners a number of half-day workshops have been developed. These workshops include:

  • Assessment Workshop
  • Telephone Support Workshop
  • Program Fidelity vs. Flexibility Workshop
  • Cultural Diversity Workshop
  • Engaging Hard to Reach Families Workshop
  • Group Skills for Delivering Triple P

These half-day workshops are typically delivered in pairs (one full day of workshops).

Strategic Project Consultation

Strategic Project Consultations are one-day sessions delivered to management and coordination staff by Triple P Implementation Consultants. The sessions provide opportunities to discuss and receive project advice about implementing Triple P with families, plan for future training, assist in ensuring effective delivery within target communities, and receive expert feedback for professional development. It's recommended Strategic Project Consultations are held quarterly.

Additional Options

Triple P can tailor support options for your organization and/or practitioners on request (e.g. consultation calls, tailored workshops). Contact your Implementation Consultant to discuss your options.