Terms and conditions

(you may also be asked to read and sign these again when you book and pay for your course)


Places in provider training courses are offered by Triple P International Pty Ltd (“TPI”), or its equivalent in your region. TPI reserves the right to change fees and conditions, cancel or defer courses, and to alter course timetables and class locations at any time without notice.


You may be eligible for a discount if your agency registers more than 5 participants to the same training course on the same date. For more information please use the contact form under Agency & Service Training. Discounts may also be available for students – please ask when your course is confirmed.


The cost of your Triple P Provider Training Course covers: Training and Accreditation Fees, Training Materials, Triple P Provider Training Resources, and ongoing access to the Triple P Provider Network website.


Travel and accommodation costs are NOT included in the course fee. You are solely responsible for these arrangements.

We recommend you only proceed with travel and accommodation arrangements after you've been notified by us that your training course is definitely confirmed. Please contact the Training Coordinator (training@triplep.net or the appropriate email address in your region) if you haven’t received your official course registration confirmation by the time you need to book your travel/accommodation.


Accreditation is a crucial element of training, so please ensure you have allowed the time (and budget to cover relevant travel and accommodation costs, if applicable) before registering for a course. Accreditation normally takes place within 6-8 weeks of training. You’ll be notified of your confirmed accreditation date either during the training course or within a month. For in-person training events, if you can’t attend the accreditation workshop in person, you may be able to complete your accreditation by video call/video recording. However, there may be an extra cost for this service to cover the trainer’s additional time.


When you apply for a course on this site, you’ll be sent a registration form. When you or your agency/employer submit the form (with shipping and billing details completed), you’re committing to the conditions of our cancellation policy below. Once we confirm that the course is running as scheduled, we’ll send you an invoice and course confirmation. Full payment must be made before or by the close of business the day before training begins.


We’ll confirm with you that the training course is definitely going ahead at least 3 weeks before the course is due to start. If you're attending an online course, you'll get an email with shipping details for the training resources.


All cancellation requests must be made in writing. Please contact us immediately if for some reason you need to cancel, via the course coordinator details on your registration email.

Cancellations of courses we’ve confirmed incur an administration charge/cancellation fee of approximately $200. (This varies by region but will be indicated on your registration email). You'll also need to return the training resources at your own expense if a course place is cancelled after the resources have been shipped.

This charge applies even if you haven’t yet paid anything, but have submitted to us your registration form and payment details, and we’ve confirmed the course. The following costs may also apply:

  • If you cancel 21 days or more before the course begins, the above cancellation fee applies. (Any payments you’ve made, minus the cancellation charge, will be refunded within four weeks.)
  • If you cancel less than 21 days before the course begins, but before the start date, you’ll be charged the above cancellation fee PLUS 50% of the training fee. (If you’ve already paid, 50% of what you’ve paid, minus the cancellation fee, will be refunded to you within 4 weeks.)
  • If you cancel on or after the start date, you’ll be charged the cancellation fee and the full course fee. No refunds apply.

We reserve the right to cancel or defer a course if numbers are insufficient. If we cancel or defer a course, we will refund all fees within 10 working days, unless you’d like us to credit this towards a future training.

We also reserve the right to change our fees and conditions, with adequate notice, and/or to alter course timetables and locations without notice if necessary, if unforeseen circumstances arise.


Many professional bodies (e.g.; The American Psychological Association, the Australian Psychological Society) require their members to attend regular professional development events such as conferences and training courses as part of their ongoing registration requirements. If you are seeking Professional Development Points for attendance at a Triple P Provider Training Course, you may present your Triple P Provider Accreditation letter and Triple P Provider Accreditation Certificate, which is issued under authority from the University of Queensland. If you need further documentation, please contact training@triplep.net or the appropriate email address in your region.     


We respect your privacy, so we only collect the information we need to let you know about either a specific course you’re wanting to register for, or relevant courses you’re interested in that may be running soon in your region. If you register for a specific course, we can communicate with you if necessary regarding the specifics of your account.  If you’d like to unsubscribe from any other emails about upcoming courses, you can use the “manage subscriptions” link at the bottom of these emails, or email us directly at privacyofficer@triplep.netwith the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line. Our full privacy notices can be found in the link at the end of this section. 

TPI may take photographs and/or video of your participation in the Triple P Provider Training Course. Photographs, videos and testimonials provided by you and/or taken by TPI may be used for marketing and promotion purposes. Your agreement to this is given unconditionally unless prior to the commencement of the Triple P Provider Training Course you notify TPI in writing of your wish to not be included in any such photography or video event. You may also asked to sign a consent form in specific circumstances.

Apart from the visual material mentioned above, all other confidential information is acknowledged by you to be essential to your participation in the Triple P Provider Training Course and you give your permission for its use by TPI in compliance with its Privacy Policy which can be accessed at www.triplep.net here or via the link in the footer of this site.


We aim to run a variety of provider training courses to meet demand. You can let us know which future courses you may be interested in using the appropriate form under our Training Calendar. If you have specific needs not covered by the information on our website or would like to speak about training for a larger group of staff, please contact training@triplep.net or the appropriate email address in your region, or use the contact form under Agency & Service Training.


By submitting the enrollment form, the course participant agrees that TPI, its officers, trainers, employees, representatives and/or agents shall not be held responsible and/or be under liability as far as permitted by any applicable law and/or will not make any claim against them for the participant’s death, bodily injury, disability, loss, damages and/or property damages which may be sustained by the participant and/or which may be caused by the participant in connection with or during the period of:

a) his/ her attendance at any premises owned, operated or controlled by TPI,

b) in any way whatsoever during his/her association with TPI.

On behalf of himself/herself, his/her executors, administrators and assigns, the enrolled participant, hereby releases TPI, its officers, trainers, employees, representatives and/or agents from loss, damage, death or injury from any actions, claims, demands which, if he/she had not entered into this Agreement, he/she might otherwise have been entitled to take or make in respect of any such loss, damage, death or injury and he/she hereby indemnifies TPI, its officers, trainers, employees, representatives and/or agents against any such liability.