Course best suits providers who:

Are professionals/practitioners who have the capacity to deliver an extended group or individual program, and who regularly consult with parents and carers who are at risk of maltreating their children.

Delivery mode:

Pathways can be delivered either to individuals or groups, as up to 5 sessions of 1-2 hours each, plus a 90-minute follow-up phone or home consultation. Parents have usually already completed or are currently completing Primary Care, Group, or Standard Triple P, (or their Teen or Stepping Stones variants) before doing Pathways.

Estimated total time for training & accreditation:

2 days training, approximately 3 days total – not including pre-requisite(s) listed below. Please read this Course Summary for more details and other important information about this course.
If this course is listed as an Extension course, the training component will be shorter. Check the course dates when you apply.


Completion of either Primary Care, Group, or Standard Triple P provider training (or their Teen or Stepping Stones variants). This course also includes training in the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) strategies, so it's helpful to have experience in this area.

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