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Whether you're training on your own or with a small group of colleagues, you can choose from many different professional training options. It's all about choices, so you can deliver the right kind of support to different kinds of families, using Triple P's complete multi-level system. To make it easier to discover all your options, we've developed the Course Finder below.

There's also a course overview and training calendar for your region. To get started, just let us know which country you're in by filling in the box below.

Before registering for any courses, please make sure you read our Pre-Registration Info & FAQs - you'll find the link to these on each course page.

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There are so many different Triple P – Positive Parenting Program interventions you can train to deliver that we created this Course Finder to help you explore the options. Just answer two quick questions and you'll find out which course fits those selections. You can try it as many times as you like to see all the options. Each course page also includes a calendar, to show you when and where your chosen course is available if there's one coming up soon in your area.

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