Positive Early Childhood Education Program Coach Training


This course is for:                               

Early Childhood Education service directors, lead teachers, supervisors, or consultants who are in a position to support the ongoing professional development of Educators who’ve recently completed the 4-module Positive Early Childhood Education Program (PECE) Online Course, as they implement what they’ve learned in that course. (For more information about PECE, see www.peceprogram.net)

Delivery mode:

As a PECE Coach, your role is to provide clear, specific and helpful information to Educators about their interactions with children, and support their use of skills such as self-tracking, self-identification of strengths and areas for improvement, problem solving, and choosing goals for change. Practice sessions are delivered one-to-one with each individual Educator. Each session takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and although the number of sessions required will vary, two to four sessions are usually sufficient.

Estimated total time for training & accreditation:

2 days training, approximately 3 days total. Please read this Course Summary for more details and other important information about this course.

If this course is listed as an Extension course, the training component will be shorter. Check the course dates when you apply.


None, however we recommend you read our Pre-Registration Information and Terms & Conditions before registering for a course.

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