Course overview

This page gives a very brief overview of the Triple P System. For more help to choose the right course, you can use the Course Finder, or if you know what you want, check the training calendar.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is not a one-size-fits-all program. Over the course of decades of ongoing research, new programs have been developed as part of the overall Triple P system.

The range of programs allows different kinds of support to be offered to meet different families’ needs. When a range of programs is available and parents choose what’s right for them, it means families get just the right amount of support they need. This includes parents of teenagers (Teen Triple P programs), and parents of children who have a disability (Stepping Stones Triple P programs).

There are also special focus programs for parents who have concerns about their children’s physical activity and weight (Lifestyle Triple P) and also for parents of children or teens with anxiety (Fear-Less Triple P.

Triple P programs are given a Level Number based on the intensity of support they offer to parents. (Level 1 is not a specific program, but refers to raising public awareness of the importance of positive parenting, types of Triple P programs, and what’s available in their area.)

There is now also a program based on Triple P principles, adapted to early learning and care settings: the Positive Early Childhood Education Program (PECE). You can learn more by visiting the PECE website: and find out more about PECE Coach Training here.


Triple P Seminars
90 minute seminars delivered to large groups (1 hour seminar plus 30 minutes of question time). Three topics relating to children under 12. Parents choose whether to go to just one, two, or all three. (This is why the program is also called Selected (Seminars) Triple P.)
Teen Triple P Seminars
As above - for parents of teenagers.
Stepping Stones Triple P Seminars

For parents of children with a disability.

Brief Primary Care – one or two individual consultations with a provider, to deal with a specific issue.


Triple P Discussion Groups
Teen Triple P Discussion Groups
2-hour workshops delivered to small groups. Five topics relating to the most common parenting challenges for parents of children under 12 (four topics for parents of teenagers). Parents can attend just one or up to all five (or all four) in the series.

Primary Care Triple P
Primary Care Teen Triple P
Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P
Between three and four individual consultations with a provider, to deal with one or two specific issues.


Group Triple P and Standard Triple P
Group Teen Triple P
and Standard Teen Triple P
Group Stepping Stones Triple P
and Standard Stepping Stones Triple P
A broad parenting skills course delivered either to small groups of parents (Group) or to individuals (Standard).

In Australia, Group Indigenous Triple P is also available.

[Parents can also complete a Level 4 self-help program in the form of Triple P Online or Teen Triple P Online, either on their own or with extra provider support.]


Enhanced Triple P
For parents who are affected by problems with stress and anxiety, coping skills and/or relationship conflict.
Pathways Triple P
A comprehensive parenting intervention for parents where there is a risk of maltreatment of children.
Family Transitions Triple P – For parents who are divorced or separated.



Disaster Recovery Triple P Seminar – A 2-hour seminar (90 minutes presentation plus 30 minutes of questions) delivered to a large group of parents of children and teens having experienced a natural disaster.

Level 4 Fear-Less Triple P (groups or individual sessions)
For parents of children or teenagers who are excessively fearful/have anxiety.

Level 4 Triple P for Baby – For parents at the transition to parenthood or with a baby up to 12 months old.

Group Lifestyle Triple P – For parents of children (5-10yrs) who have concerns for their child relating to obesity and activity levels.



Positive Early Childhood Education (PECE) Coach Training – This training qualifies managers or consultants who work with Early Childhood Educators to provide coaching and support to Educators who’ve completed the PECE Online Course.


Triple P Workshop Series – Ten topic specific half-day workshops providing ongoing professional development for Triple P Providers.