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How the levels work for you

Triple P's distinctive multi-level system is the only one of its kind. It offers a suite of programs of increasing intensity, each catering to a different level of family need or dysfunction. This allows organizations or governments to implement a true population rollout or simply select the specific Triple P interventions that will meet its community's or clients' needs, as well as its own service priorities and funding.

The system ranges from "light-touch" parenting help to highly-targeted intensive interventions. It includes a series of public seminars that provide general tips on everyday parenting issues; one-off discussion groups addressing the most common parenting problems; brief and short-term primary care consultations for specific problems; group or online courses for a comprehensive understanding of Triple P strategies; a one-on-one personal support program for tackling serious behavior problems; and two high intensity programs that deal with complex family and/or mental health issues, including the risk of child maltreatment.


Triple P also has a number of specialist programs, including Stepping Stones (for parents of a child with a disability), Family Transitions (for divorced or separating parents), Lifestyle Triple P (for parents concerned about their child's weight or health) and Indigenous Triple P (for Indigenous parents).


Triple P's choices have been designed to appeal to most personal preferences so practitioners, organizations or governments can choose the type of delivery to suit the parents they are working with. Options include face-to-face consultations, small group workshop-type sessions or small group courses, large group seminars and an online course.