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Training and delivery

For the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program to be sustainable and as effective as it can be, practitioners need to be trained to the highest standard and supported in their use of the program. Also, the organizations, agency, jurisdiction or governments coordinating the Triple P rollout must have ongoing support and guidance. The Triple P model of training and delivery has been created to meet these very important needs.

Triple P's training model has been developed to produce Triple P practitioners who are confident, knowledgeable and can go on to deliver Triple P with fidelity. Triple P's training itself is evidence based, and is continually evaluated from the ongoing feedback from participants.


Training is built on a self-regulatory approach – it acknowledges and recognizes practitioners' strengths and practices – and isn't overly didactic. Training is condensed into a series of intensive workshops, to reduce the need for extensive time away from employment. Most training is either two or three days. Mixing professionally produced videos with group discussions and rehearsals of interventions, means the sessions are not just a learning experience, but lively and inspiring too.


Once a practitioner has trained in core levels of the Triple P program, they may do extension courses – for example, after training in 0–12 Group Triple P, a practitioner may add modules of Teen Triple P or Stepping Stones for that level. However, Teen Triple P and Stepping Stones are offered as standalone courses, and doing 0–12 training is not a prerequisite for these programs.


All Triple P training is coordinated by Triple P International, which has a network of trainers around the world, ready to train new practitioners in many countries. Depending on the number of participants you have, trainers can come to your workplace – delivering on site at a large organization – or can run training for you in other public venues within a city or town. Triple P International can arrange venues, catering and handle other set-up details if needed.


Open-enrollment Triple P training for individual practitioners is also offered in many locations.


All Triple P trainers are extensively trained in the Triple P programs and have minimum qualifications of a Masters (or equivalent) in educational or clinical psychology.