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Level 1

Level 1, or Universal Triple P, is a communications strategy designed to reach a broad cross section of the population with positive parenting information and messages. It is not a course or personal intervention delivered directly to parents.

Stay Positive is the creative face of Universal Triple P. This high-impact communications campaign includes a range of materials (including brochures, posters, newspaper columns, billboards, etc.) that aims to put parenting on the public agenda and to raise awareness of the need to support parents in this vital role.


Universal Triple P aims to:

  • destigmatize and normalize the process of seeking parenting help
  • Encourage parents to participate in positive parenting interventions
  • Increase the visibility and reach of positive parenting interventions
  • Counter alarmist, sensational or parent-blaming messages in the media
  • Help parents become more confident and self-sufficient in their parenting