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Responsive to community needs

Driven by both new research and society's changing needs, Triple P's suite of programs continues to evolve and grow – both in what is offered and how it is offered.

Recent developments have included new delivery methods, such as the creation of an online, self-paced version of Triple P (Triple P Online) for parents who are too busy, reluctant or geographically isolated to attend parenting sessions in person; and Discussion Group Triple P, which targets a specific behavioral problem in a one-off small group setting, providing a parenting intervention quickly and more cost-effectively than one-on-one consultations.


New specialist programs have also been developed, such as Baby Triple P, which prepares expectant parents for the first 12 months of their newborn's life; and Lifestyle Triple P, created in response to the growing worldwide problem of childhood obesity.


Cultural needs are also being met with ongoing translations of materials.