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Level 3

Targeted counseling for parents of a child with mild to moderate behavioral difficulties. It is available for parents of children from birth to 12 years and for parents of teenagers.  Level 3 interventions deal with a specific problem behavior or issue.

Delivered as:

  • Primary Care Triple P  – A brief face-to-face or telephone intervention with a provider (from areas such as child and community health, education, allied health, child care etc.). Approximately four individual consultations lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. Uses tip sheets and Positive Parenting Booklet to reinforce strategies. For parents of children birth to 12 years and Primary Care Teen Triple P for parents of adolescents to 16 years.

  • Triple P Discussion Groups  – Two-hour small group sessions, targeting a specific problem behavior or issue. Each discussion group can be taken as a stand-alone session or as part of a series. There are five topics for parents of children under 12 (Dealing with disobedience; Managing fighting and aggression; Developing good bedtime routines; Hassle-free shopping with children, and Hassle-free mealtimes with children) and four in Teen Triple P Discussion Groups for parents of 12 –16 year olds (Coping with teenagers' emotions; Reducing family conflict; Getting teenagers to cooperate; and Building teenagers' survival skills).