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After investing in a parenting program, it's important to see results.
With Triple P, practitioners can demonstrate Triple P's effectiveness to parents or managers; managers and organizations can demonstrate Triple P's effectiveness to governments or funding bodies; and governments can demonstrate Triple P's effectiveness to the public.

Triple P makes this simple with its built-in evaluation tools.

For practitioners

For practitioners, the program includes simple questionnaires. These clinical tools allow practitioners to monitor "before" and "after" results. Different questionnaires address different domains of family functioning and behavior, and successes can be clearly seen and celebrated – reinforcing both the parent and practitioner for their efforts and commitment.


To make it easier for practitioners to monitor and measure a family's progress, Triple P provides a simple, web-based scoring and reporting application. Questionnaire responses are entered by the practitioner and calculated by the scoring application.

For organizations or government bodies

On a broader scale, this scoring application can be customized for an entire region to provide statistical analysis of the wider effects, using a range of indices including demographics, districts or level of Triple P. Regions can also use the scoring application to compare the effectiveness of Triple P with other interventions. And it can provide useful case management information about individual practitioners (number of cases, completion time, referrals etc.).